A Poem: ‘I Wish The Stigma Would Go Away’

Mental health

It’s like a plant that grows many leaves. 

A flower soon to appear.

 Only for petals to fall one by one.

It’s like the morning sun it comes up and goes down. 

Soon left in darkness again. 

It’s like being in a museum accept your the master piece on display for everyone to judge and have their say. 

Mental health 

Its someone who’s crazy, thier strange and weird, a physco right? 

I wish the stigma would go away,  that’s what keeps me awake at night. 

It’s feeling alone,  isolated and outdated. 

It’s like the sea,  it comes on strong and then it’s calm. 

Drifting away,  only to take you by surprise and take you away

Mental health

Their lazy and putting it on.

I can’t open up, I can’t tell you what’s wrong. 

You won’t listen. 

I wish the stigma would go away, so I can go on another day. 

You seem miserable, yet you smile. 

I can’t win,  I can’t tell them why.

 I feel like I want to cry


Crying is all I do

I lay awake,  unlike you.

I pray and pray for it to go away 

PLEASE PLEASE take it away. 

Im angry and sad, frustrated and mad. 

I’m lost 

I hate your opinions,  why can’t you see how much they hurt me. 

I am still me.  

I’m hurt, but I’m me.

I have an illness,  can’t you see. 

 Now please let me be. 

Put an end to the stigma, the pain you cause.

Take a step back and have a see.

Let that poor person be.






    • Thank you, I’m glad you can relate but sad that you to suffer. It’s an awful illness and made even more awful because of the stigma surrounding it X


      • We all suffer sometimes, just in different ways. I’m doing great lately. Find triggers has been very helpful. There are so many things I would tell 14 year old me if I could. Too bad I know she wouldn’t listen!

        Liked by 1 person

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